Fair trade is one of the most important social movements of our times. As part of our commitment to support small producers, we sell only Fair Trade certified products.

Fair Trade Basics

It started with concerns about small producers and the unfair prices that they were receiving for their products. One response to this situation was to set up Certification Schemes, the first one, Max Havelaar, being established in 1988 in the Netherlands. These schemes ensure that small producers:

1. Receive fair prices for their products
2. Are organized democratically to better promote their own interests
3. Receive support for capacity building

A second, complementary response by Fair Trade organizations has been to educate about trade and related issues of social justice, and to advocate for changes to law and public policy.

Key Organizations

Fairtrade International

Fairtrade International is the largest Fair Trade standard setting body in the world, and regulates and promotes a wide range of basic products (e.g., coffee, sugar, cotton, fruits, honey, etc.).

Fairtrade Canada

Fairtrade Canada is the Canadian affiliate member of Fairtrade International. Its primary mission is to promote and regulate the sale of Fairtrade products in Canada.

Canadian Fair Trade Network

This is the national advocacy and education organization for Fair Trade in Canada. Among other things, it has promoted the various Fairtrade campaigns as well as “Origin Trips” with private buyers, activists and others who are interested the opportunity to visit producer organizations.

Small Producers Symbol

Established by small producer organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean in an effort to further raise standards in support of small producers, as well as to promote Fair Trade in Southern countries.

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