Our Story

We believe that in order to create a sustainable and equitable economic system for ourselves and future generations, we must create businesses and trading partnerships that are committed to fairness and sustainability in all aspects of their operations. This is what we aspire to.

Our Origins

The Green Campus Cooperative was founded by students and faculty members of York University who were concerned about the limited supply of sustainable products on campus, and by the lack of practical ways for students to get involved in changing that situation. They were particularly concerned about the lack of Fair Trade cotton products, and that there were no Fair Trade cotton t-shirt importers in the country. So, in September 2011 we incorporated our own business to supply sustainable products!

Our Commitments


We are a co-operative and subscribe to the co-op principles. We incorporated as a co-op because this organizational form ensures democratic control of the company and encourages participation.


We are a 100% fair trade company in that we only sell fairtrade certified products. We are committed to fair trade values, including fair prices for small producers, support for democratically-controlled producers and long-term solidarity-based trading relationships.

Fair Trade

A major component of our mission is to support the efforts of small famers to produce sustainable goods and to make sustainable goods more available, especially at schools and on university and college campuses. We see organic certification as a key benchmark for sustainability and only sell products that have organic certification.


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