How long will it take for my order to arrive?

From our shop (under 20 shirts) – we can usually ship within 2-3 days for orders under 19 shirts. After we ship them, they usually arrive within 2-4 days.  

For larger stock orders (21-300 shirts) – preparing your order will depend upon printing requirements. It typically stakes 2 weeks for screen printing (as we do not do that in house). After the shirts are printed, you should receive them in

For bulk orders (300 or more) – For bulk orders, we have to provide pre-payment to our supplier (in line with the spirit of Fair Trade). One we have submitted the order (including artwork) and the supplier has received a wire payment, then the supplier starts the production process. This includes procuring the fabric, getting a dye sample (to ensure that you get the correct colour), printing the fabric and cutting/sewing /trimming the garments. This can take two-three months depending on the size of the order (dying specifications, artwork, etc.). After the garments are ready, they are shipped by sea (to reduce our carbon footprint), which normally takes about 30 days.  

Do you ship outside of Canada?

Yes, we can ship small orders for Our Shop to the United States. Such orders typically take a bit longer as they have to go through US Customs.