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A New Take on Your Old GCC Shirt

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All done wearing your GCC t-shirt? Read on to learn how you can up-cycle it into something new!

Image Source: Anna Craft

1. Scrunchies: Trendy, useful, and stylish. Your old GCC t-shirt can still be a part of your fashionable outfit!

Tutorial brought to you by Anna Craft:

Image Source: Monica Nauert

2. Face masks: Help stop the spread of the Delta variant… by upcycling your old GCC shirt!

Picture tutorial brought to you by Monica Nauert:

Image Source: Delia Creates

3. Produce bags: Buy Fairtrade, organic food with your Fairtrade, organic t-shirt!

Video tutorial brought to you by Delia Creates:

Image Source: Sheryl

4. Reusable cotton rounds: A great applicator for face wash, nail polish remover, etc.

Step-by-step process brought to you by Sheryl:

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