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Meet GCC’s Summer Student Team!

This summer, Green Campus Cooperative has hired four students through the Canada Summer Jobs Program. These students will be working in various capacities to further promote GCC’s sustainability initiatives, such as our Fairtrade-certified shirts. Meet our team virtually by reading their intern profiles below and keep an eye on this space for weekly blog posts!

Name: Robyn

Role at GCC: Graphic Designer 

School, program: Wilfrid Laurier University, BSc Geography with Business Option

In my spare time...I enjoy researching the complexities of the economic inequalities in the fashion industry with the goal of one day contributing to a solution.

Working for an opportunity for me to learn more about cooperatives and Fairtrade—two revolutionary ways of doing business. GCC is more than just a traditional company; its strong morals and ethics is something I am proud to be working for.

Name: Patrick

Role at GCC: Communications and Social Media Specialist 

School, program: York University, Master of Disaster and Emergency Management (MDEM)

In my spare time… I like to compete in sports such as ultimate frisbee and volleyball. I enjoy spending time at home close to my family, and taking care of my two cats. My favorite shows to watch are Friends and How I Met Your Mother!

Working for GCC… gives me the opportunity to work closely with fellow students and professionals in the field of sustainability and Fairtrade. I support the provision of fair, living wages for workers around the world and I am thrilled to be a part of the GCC team, as GCC ensures that its suppliers are paid fairly through Fairtrade certification. 

Name: Michael

Role at GCC: Sales and Marketing Specialist 

School, program: Wilfrid Laurier University, Bachelor of Business Administration

In my spare time… I like to work on and expand my graphic design and creative solutions portfolio. Also, I have recently taken up skateboarding and biking long distances (follow me on Strava!) 

Working for GCC… is a chance for me to continue to build my growth and digital marketing portfolio. In the near future, I hope to work as a freelance Marketing Specialist and Creative Solutions expert for small businesses looking to level up their client base and overall success, and working for GCC is an opportunity for me to have some hands-on experience doing so while working with some bright minded peers!

Name: Tegwen

Role at GCC: Website Designer

School, program: Parsons School of Design, MSc Data Visualization

In my spare time...I like to level up my design and animation skills! I find that LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda) and Domestika have so many great lessons that walk you through almost any software and/or skill you’re looking to develop. Lately, I’ve been following some After Effects and Photoshop lessons on how to do “trippy” or psychedelic designs.

Working for a creative outlet for my design work that simultaneously allows me to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable economic system for my generation, and generations to come.

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We believe that in order to create a sustainable and equitable economic system for ourselves and future generations, we must create businesses and trading partnerships that are committed to fairness and sustainability in all aspects of their operations.

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